Thursday, January 24, 2013

Types of screens

Resistance is the most simple and respectively - cheap screens. The main advantages are resistant to stains and sensitivity to touch different objects - a finger, a stylus, the reverse side of a ballpoint pen. The disadvantages of this type of screen are - mechanical fragility, it is easy to scratch, so these screens protect special film. In addition, they are less transparent, resulting in the less bright.

Another type:
Capacitive screens, they are more complex structurally. These screens are resistant to scratches, more sensitive to touch, and transparent. The main advantage of this screen is a multi function - sensitivity to multiple touches. On this screen you can control gestures - zoom in or out, play games, in which it is provided. The disadvantages of these screens are their manufacturing complexity and the resulting higher cost.

Another option that should be considered that if you want a comfortable work in the Internet, it should not be less than 800 pixels horizontally, otherwise there is a risk that the site will not fit completely on the screen, you see, read the information on this site will be a nuisance.

Built in Camera:
Budget models usually do not have a camera. The plates have a more expensive camera - front. This camera is allows for video chat or make video conference and calls. And the most advanced have two cameras; front to rear is added, intended for shooting video or photos. Not infrequently the rear camera has such features like auto focus and flash, and has the best technical parameters, which means that the important point is not to be missed.

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