Tuesday, February 5, 2013

HTML Website and Tamplate Page Designing with CSS

Admitting that we realize that numerous individuals today use Content Management System CMS or Content Administration Frameworks to look after your web space or website. There are still webmasters who do custom work. The pages of their locales have a private touch. It may be magnetic or attractive for the users to see confined part of its substance. This presupposes making a case, for which I will illustrate, utilizing a table that is dependent upon a class made as CSS.

This needs, to start with, make a class that can be saved as we stated as a CSS style sheet. This class might have the accompanying structure:

The class name is .styleClass. It several parameters working elaborate as under:

1. background-color:  The background color of the .styleClass is Black and its code is #000.
2. border:  Borders of the class that has a thickness of 1 pixel and its color code # CCC.
3. padding: It shows the detachment between the internal edge and the territory in which the content material is to be call for working. For our situation is 2 pixels on every last one of the four sides.

To call this class can utilize two strategies. Introducing into the zone <head>…</head> document the definition as follows:

Or create a style sheet, if you have not already created, and put in the same class definition box. If that sheet is called styles.css and css in the styles folder, you must call in your document, also within the area <head> ... </ head>, with the following statement:
<link href=”css/styles.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”  media=”all” />
What you need to do now is utilization the style on your locale website, your blogs and web pages. To do this we will make a table used to keep the content. Something similar to the following:

Save this file as index.html and open it into your browser and see the results. Enjoy it!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Types of screens

Resistance is the most simple and respectively - cheap screens. The main advantages are resistant to stains and sensitivity to touch different objects - a finger, a stylus, the reverse side of a ballpoint pen. The disadvantages of this type of screen are - mechanical fragility, it is easy to scratch, so these screens protect special film. In addition, they are less transparent, resulting in the less bright.

Another type:
Capacitive screens, they are more complex structurally. These screens are resistant to scratches, more sensitive to touch, and transparent. The main advantage of this screen is a multi function - sensitivity to multiple touches. On this screen you can control gestures - zoom in or out, play games, in which it is provided. The disadvantages of these screens are their manufacturing complexity and the resulting higher cost.

Another option that should be considered that if you want a comfortable work in the Internet, it should not be less than 800 pixels horizontally, otherwise there is a risk that the site will not fit completely on the screen, you see, read the information on this site will be a nuisance.

Built in Camera:
Budget models usually do not have a camera. The plates have a more expensive camera - front. This camera is allows for video chat or make video conference and calls. And the most advanced have two cameras; front to rear is added, intended for shooting video or photos. Not infrequently the rear camera has such features like auto focus and flash, and has the best technical parameters, which means that the important point is not to be missed.


Depending on the model, the tablets can be fitted with various sensors extend the functionality and make the job Bole comfortable:

The ambient light sensor automatically measures the light in the room and sets the optimal values ​​of brightness.
This measure is designed to extend the battery life of the tablet.

The proximity sensor - the sensor turns off the screen when he was served up an object without direct physical contact.
This can be useful for tablets with a small screen that can be used for calls, the sensor will turn off the screen when the tablet will be served up to your ear to talk to, and prevent accidental operation. Another purpose of the sensor - saving energy when the tablet is removed in a bag or just in your pocket.

Accelerometer sensor:  The sensor measures the acceleration, after the data can be found a position in space.
Used for automatic display rotation.

Gyroscope:  The sensors measure the angles of rotation relative to the fixed coordinate system.
Gyroscopes are used in conjunction with the accelerometer and can achieve high accuracy and fast response when the screen is rotated.

Compass: Used mainly navigation programs.

Operating System:

At present, there are three most popular operating systems - Android, Windows 7 and iOS. Much depends on the choice of personal preference OS or brand, because some brands produce tablets only under certain operating systems such as iOS is installedonly on tablets Apple.

Tablet PCs running AndroidPlanshetnye computers running Android, probably have the highest prevalence. Android user interface created specifically for touch screen and easy to manage for the operating system, there are hundreds of thousands of applications and games.

Tablet PCs running Windows 7. Windows 7 is not designed to meet the control on touch screens, so the management is not as convenient as a customized operating system, on the other hand, this can compensate for the lack of a lot of programs and games developed for Windows. Also an important moment Windows - familiar and the familiar operating environment for most users. The disadvantage is the high system requirements.

TabletPCs running iOSPod running iOS tablets running the company Apple. This operating system is designed to control on touch screens; the interface is easy and intuitive. For iOS also written a large number of applications, is also a disadvantage, then, that all these applications can be delivered from a single source - Apple Stooge.

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